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Email marketing is all the rage and Evan is certainly using it.Based on the information on his website, Katz’s primary client base is professional women over 35.Your excitement in his presence masked a whole ton of flaws and incompatibilities that you were willing to tolerate – all in the name of chemistry. Denizens of the Manosphere will immediately recognize what he describes as the “‘gina tingle”. [Aunt Haley, please take note] Impossible, you say.Katz is just using different and more commonly accepted term outside the Manosphere: “chemistry” Another email from Katz is almost revolutionary in regards to advice to his clients and potential clients: So what does it take to have a partner treat you like royalty? You can’t make a partner be as thoughtful and generous as you. Treat a guy well and he’s not going to go anywhere. Reverse this order by asking him out, initiating sex, asking for commitment, or proposing marriage, and a masculine guy will feel, well, emasculated.

With those goals in mind, it’s time a shift in a man’s approach. What is a man to do regarding Dating 2.0 in a real life scenario? Know his relationship goals and be ready for dating. Understand and internalize that women are attracted to confidence, competence, charisma, and leadership. He must (not an option) have a plan for a simple date. If she can’t make it but suggests another time or place, she’s interested.

Also, physical appearance and health is still very important. That’s OK because you gave her a way to safely bail out. Before the date, don’t over-share or over-communicate. A text of “goodnight” every night or “good morning” every morning is not appropriate. And for pity’s sake, don’t be texting song lyrics or romantic poems before the actual date even if you think there’s an amazing connection.

While a man might not be able to add a few inches to his height, he can certainly work on fashion style and minor details like hair and nails. For example, “I’m enjoying this conversion, give me your phone number so I can set up a date.” Not the contrast to “Um, er, would you like to go out sometime? She might not feel that way and such communication will be intensely awkward for her.

Why would she feel sad unless somebody made her sad? And many of them are so inured and so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it." Cognitive dissonance-whenever bias prevents someone from even considering an alternative view let alone weigh the merits.

If your sacrifices and love were genuine and real, she wouldn't feel sad. You must have lied, and there was never a true relationship at all.

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