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The high quality of fabrics, combined with the extreme attention to the details in the seven points of stitching per centimeter, are a guarantee of unparalleled durability of the garment.

The name of the fabric, of French origin, initially indicated a lightweight and fine wool fabric exclusively designed for the Pope and manufactured in the Papal city of Avignon.

Jordan also takes us through what setting up a moon practice might look like and shares loads of interesting facts with me in our chat from biodynamic agriculture, to women’s cycles, to how astrology fits in and more.

In this episode, Alexx chats with Brodie Welch, Chinese Medicine practitioner, about the Horary cycle and the many things we can do to support a healthy cycle with yin and yang energy, optimising digestive fire, liver health, sugar balance and even tackling travel and shift work situations.

s shirt model Leonardo of the 7camicie collection is the classic garment par excellence.

If you bind the old windows forms datagrid to a datarelation with Set Data Binding the records will remain in sync.

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