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Treat her as your equal: Given the, typically, patriarchal societies in most of Asia, many Hong Kong girls still have a traditional view of the female role in society.It’s best to let her know that you see your relationship as a partnership, a matching of equals; encourage her to be confident, to be comfortable to speak up about matters that concern her—not to suppress her emotions or brood on issues which bother her Apart from some of the points mentioned above in terms of impressing a Hong Kong girl, a couple of key tips to help you decide if you are the man for such a woman Find a balance: Hong Kong girls are really no different from other women the world over who like a man to be manly—someone who, if the need arises, can protect them, take care of them.The following is a generalisation of the types of Hong Kong girls you may come across if you spend some time in the city.The key thing to remember though, is that all Hong Kong girls are women… and they are allowed to change their mind, be difficult, irrational and so on : ) The stereotypical local: indigenous Hong Kong girls are generally thought of as being studious, conservative, family-centric and loyal.Both in the pre-show assembly area or during a break in the performance are ideal opportunities to strike up a conversation with a Hong Kong girl; if you are lucky, you might even be sitting next to one!Sports groups or hiking groups: many Hong Kong girls like sports; perhaps playing badminton or volleyball—even going hiking in the hills/mountains as a break from the rigours of the working week.“Oh, dear”, I hear you say, “I don’t like the sound of the last few descriptive words.” But read on and let me explain…

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All in all, Hong Kong girls are great companions and partners and the city leaves an indelible mark on anyone lucky enough to have lived there.) and endless baskets of buttery naan bread, there’s nothing better than sitting down and tucking in to Hong Kong’s best with great friends and a delicious menu.Curb those curry cravings with our personal Sassy favourites…If you’re staying in Honkers this season and are looking for something different to do, read on and mix up the usual festivities with these cool Christmas alternatives…This page is updated monthly with a record of research and related activities.

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