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In the studio, John passed the time in between takes by chain-smoking as he studied the Racing Post, or he would pace up and down looking vaguely fretful (a habit that director David Croft sometimes found sufficiently distracting to send him off to the nearest pub until his services were next required).The part of the silver-haired charmer Wilson could not have come at a ­better time for Le Mez.

No word, when it was used, was ever wasted: Lowe, for example, managed, by varying his intonation, to make ‘Wilson’ sound not only like a name but also, whenever the situation called for it, a question, an accusation, a cry for help or a threat.But not before delivering a withering put-down: ‘When will you learn to behave yourself, Billy?’ The truth was that there was never a dull moment when ‘Le Mez’ was around.‘These early morning starts play havoc with my lavatorial arrangements,’ he confided to Jimmy Perry, the brains behind the hit show. He bought Lowe some packets of All-Bran, which, after some initial resistance — ‘I’m not touching that muck! ’On screen, it was the rapport between Le Mesurier and Lowe which became pivotal to the success of the series.‘So well attuned were we,’ John would later remark, ‘that often an exchanged glance between us was enough to make a point in the script.

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